Weekly Detox – 1.27.16

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Our #plasticfree2017 week-long challenge may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean our efforts have to stop! We’ve learned a lot throughout this week and will be sharing everything with you in the coming days. But in the meantime, we’re putting together an epic giveaway with some of our favorite brands that will go live on our Instagram next week. So make sure you’re following us @stasherbag!

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out our plastic recycling guide and our resources page to help you continue living a #Plasticfree2017!

Plastic Recycling Guide

“Recycling is not the solution to our waste problem.”

Americans recycle more than 2.4 billion pounds of plastic each year. Yet 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean each year. Which means that dropping plastics in recycling bins isn’t enough to help reduce plastic waste. Once you put something in the recycling bin, it’s out of your control so what happens to it after it leaves your bin isn’t certain.

Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home recently gave a TEDx talk titled “Zero Waste is not Recycling More, But Less.” Johnson explained that “recycling requires energy to process, but also lacks regulations to coordinate the efforts of manufacturers, consumers, municipalities, and recyclers across the globe.”

Thus, because recycling depends on too many variables, it’s not an effective or dependable solution for our worldwide plastic waste problem.

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#PlasticFree2017 – one week without plastic – challenge details

The Details

what: one week without plastics

when: Monday January 23rd — Friday January 27th

where: everywhere! follow along on Instagram @stasherbag and Facebook

why: only 1 to 3% of all plastics used are recycled. all of that plastic waste is wreaking havoc on the environment and our health.

how: take the #plasticfree2017 pledge and share what you’re doing to reduce the amount of plastic in your life by using #plasticfree2017 and tagging @stasherbag on instagram.


  • avoid purchasing any new plastics – includes anything with plastic packaging or pre-packaged foods, canned goods, plastic containers, toys, etc.
  • refuse single-use plastics – when eating out try to avoid things like plastic cutlery, straws and containers.
  • keep any unavoidable single-use plastics you buy or finish using throughout the week (to keep track) and at the end of the week properly dispose of them.

Weekly Detox – 1.20.17

blind spots
credit: Brett Stanley

On Monday we’re kicking off a week-long plastic-free challenge! We’d love to have you all join us in going entirely plastic-free for one week, so if you haven’t already, please take the #plasticfree2017 pledge. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you an exclusive discount code to use on your next purchase at

For all of the details on our plastic-free challenge, take a look at this video, and check back here on the stasher blog for all of the guidelines, resources and tips we’ll be using throughout the week!

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what’s in your stasher? – Amanda Connolly

Amanda, a 25-year-old Mom of two, shares how she balances fitness and motherhood, and how stasher has helped her live a healthier lifestyle.

We’re introducing a new series here on the stasher blog: “what’s in your stasher?” In each feature we’ll be talking to stasher’s biggest fans, and some of our favorite health enthusiasts, foodies, environmentalists, fitness junkies, and more!

Let’s kick things off with Amanda, a mom of two adorable little girls, who’s helping others find the balance in motherhood through her drool-worthy food photos and positive mindset, and how stasher has helped her live a healthier lifestyle.Continue Reading →

Weekly Detox – 1.6.17

The first weekend of the new year is finally here! We are delighted that so many of you have joined us in our New Year’s resolution to reduce the amount of plastic we use. If you haven’t already signed the pledge, make sure to do so today! Once you do, we’ll send you an exclusive discount code to use on your next purchase, plus we’re working on a giveaway and other fun things to help kickstart your #plasticfree2017!

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Weekly Detox – 12.16.16


We’re introducing a new feature here on the stasher blog: The Weekly Detox! Here at stasher we’re committed to helping you live a healthier lifestyle, which includes food, wellness, fitness, mindfulness, the environment and more.

Each week we’ll be sharing the latest in eco-friendly, plastic-free news & updates, the latest health & wellness trends and so much more! So make sure to check back each Friday to get the latest on everything you need to know about living healthier.

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