#PlasticFree2017 – one week without plastic – challenge details

The Details

what: one week without plastics

when: Monday January 23rd — Friday January 27th

where: everywhere! follow along on Instagram @stasherbag and Facebook

why: only 1 to 3% of all plastics used are recycled. all of that plastic waste is wreaking havoc on the environment and our health.

how: take the #plasticfree2017 pledge and share what you’re doing to reduce the amount of plastic in your life by using #plasticfree2017 and tagging @stasherbag on instagram.


  • avoid purchasing any new plastics – includes anything with plastic packaging or pre-packaged foods, canned goods, plastic containers, toys, etc.
  • refuse single-use plastics – when eating out try to avoid things like plastic cutlery, straws and containers.
  • keep any unavoidable single-use plastics you buy or finish using throughout the week (to keep track) and at the end of the week properly dispose of them.

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