Weekly Detox – 2.17.17

here’s your weekly detox for 2.17.17:

  • In addition to the amount of plastic pollution it creates and the harmful chemicals leaching from the plastic, this is the reason you need to ditch your bottled water habit once and for all.
  • This photo of a hermit crab with a plastic shell demonstrates the sad reality of how plastic pollution impacts animals.
  • Cartons can now be recycled in 60% of the United States thanks to the efforts of the Carton Council of North America.
  • Unilever just announced a new initiative to disclose detailed fragrance ingredients to consumers in all of their products.
  • This unique composting method makes it easier for apartment dwellers to compost.
  • Your online shopping habit may actually be helping the environment. This infographic shows how many trees have been saved by e-commerce.
  • Jack Johnson helped make a documentary about the plastic pollution in our oceans and it’s a must-watch. Watch it for free here.

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