Weekly Detox: Living a Non Toxic Life – 3.10.17

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In this week’s detox, we’re focusing on food since eating healthy isn’t just increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. Often times those fruits and vegetables can contain pesticides, meat contains added hormones, and pre-packaged foods contain additives. To the naked eye, these foods might seem healthy, but in reality they could be depleted of all of their nutrients and harmful to both the environment and the food chain.

here’s your weekly detox for 3.10.17:

  • By now you’re probably aware of how consuming meat can negatively effect the environment. These eight kitchen ingredients are the keys to a “reducetarian” diet that’s easier on both our bodies and the planet.
  • This Florida winery is serving up wines in eco-friendly packaging and they’ve never purchased a wine bottle.
  • Mass-produced chocolate is unhealthy and unethical. Here are three reasons why you should buy ethically sourced raw chocolate instead.
  • New research from the Institute of Economic Affairs found that healthier foods, namely fresh fruits and vegetables, are actually cheaper than processed foods.
  • EWG just released the 2017 Dirty Dozen list, your guide to the pesticides in produce. Strawberries and spinach top the list.
  • Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts just announced that by 2018 artificial colors will be removed from all of their American products.
  • While nut milk is better for both your health and the environment, store-bought versions are often be filled with unhealthy additives. Try making your own nut milk with these simple, no-soak recipes!


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