why stasher

 how many plastic sandwich bags do you think you’ve thrown away in your lifetime?

hundreds? maybe thousands? 

have you ever wondered what all of that plastic is doing to the planet? or what it’s doing to people?

do you wish there was something you could do?

well, at last, there is.

say goodbye to plastic, and hello to stasher,

the world’s first—and only—self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag! it’s made of pure

platinum silicone, so it’s a healthy alternative that’s safe for people and the planet. but

best of all, stasher can do so much more than plastic bags and containers!

easy to use + easy to love

stasher is fabulously functional, and offers all of the ease and convenience of

plastic bags, but without any of the negative consequences. only stasher can safely

go from the freezer, to the microwave, and to the dishwasher

—there’s no other silicone bag like it!

get organized! 

just right for officeand school supplies

fly high!

ideal carry-on for toiletriesand personal items

just sayin’!

write notes and labels on it with dry-erase markers

get cooking!

 perfect for microwave and sous vide cooking

lunch in style!

keep kids’ lunches fresh and safe

love your leftovers!

protect your foods from freezer-burn

cleans like a dream! 

just throw it in the dishwasher

goodbye germs!

non-porous surface helps inhibit bacterial growth

save big!

use it again and again to save money 


stasher is freezer-safe, microwave-safe and dishwasher safe