#PlasticFree2017 – resources

Here are some helpful plastic-free and sustainable-living resources, guides, blogs, videos, etc.


A-Z Alternatives

9 Ways to Use Less Plastic

Are Your Pots & Pans Poisoning You?

Two Years of Living Plastic Free: How I Did It and What I’ve Learned

Zero Waste Nerd’s 30 Days to Zero Waste

The 5 Gyres’ Plastic-Free Shopping Guide

10 Ways to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Why Quitting Plastic is an Opportunity

Tips for a Successful Plastic-Free Challenge

Adapting to a Plastic-Free Life

Plastic-Free Food Shopping

Almost 500 US Foods Contain Plastic Chemical

10 Life Hacks to Help You Cut Plastic

Bulk Shopping Finder



For the Health of It: Dump the Plastic

The Garbage Patch

What Really Happens to the Plastic You Throw Away?

Bag It

The Story of Stuff

Zero Waste Tips // How I Make Less Trash



The Rogue Ginger

My Plastic Free Life

Zero Waste Nerd

Trash is for Tossers


Be Zero

Meredith Tested

Eco Cult

Simply Green Life

Going Zero Waste

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