hello stasher!

the revolutionary alternative to plastic bags and containers.  goodbye, plastic! stasher is made of pure platinum silicone, so it’s safe for people and the planet. durable, easy to clean, and great for storing and cooking food, one stasher can be used thousands of times. 

what will you stash in your stasher?

rethink plastic

unique by design, stasher is engineered to get people to rethink the plastic in their lives. go healthy and go plastic-free!
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airtight innovation

no other silicone bag delivers airtight performance and self-sealing convenience!
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the ultimate multi-tasking bag!

stasher does it all. it freezes, it cooks, it serves, it packs, it washes, it saves money, it saves the planet, it makes life easy. wow!
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gotta have it!

  • the sandwich size clear stasher bag


  • sandwich size stasher in aqua blue


  • snack-size stasher spokes indigo

    spokes indigo


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so what's in your stasher?